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Tapi's Great Adventure: Going International!

You may or may not remember Tapi's Great Adventure. That was a trip to São Paulo we did back in 2010 that I documented in photos of Tapi. Now, this year my parents and I (and a cousin, and some family friends) went to the US, and guess who tagged along?

So prepare for some intense picture-heavy post, because this was a 17 day long trip. xDDD I have also become much lazier since then (and it's a lot more photos) so no thumbnails, you get big pictures every time. Good luck.

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Info on the Brazilian Figures

As to avoid making my sales post huge and also be able to link this to people whenever they're curious, I'm writing a post about the Brazilian Figures that some of you have seen in people's collections (mine mostly xD).

Released about 10 years ago, these figures were made as a way to promote a drink named Guaraná (it's kind of like Coke, except it's not exactly Coke xD) that was going to be also sold in smaller bottles. Said bottles were called "Caçulinha" (a commom nickname for the youngest sibling), and were made for the kids to take to school and such. They're really small, and there is about one glass (if not less) of the drink in them.
The promotion consisted of having a Pokeball on the bottlecap, and inside there was a secret Pokemon figure. Not all of the first generation Pokemon got one made, but many did.
Later, when generation II came out, they did the promotion again, this time with the figures being of gen. II Pokemon. The material was also different, and even less Pokemon got figures of them made.
As all old merchandise, you may notice something funny about them, they have the same molds as many other figures (such as the stamps and the like). Some are really wonky, making them look a little bootleg-ish, though I assure you they're legit.
Later, as the promotion was not as successfull as they expected, they released those figures (the leftovers) as gashapon prizes. As well as some ones with different molds, that were already around by then (the bigger ones).
Those figures are still available nowadays as gashapon prizes in some rare places.

And if you're curious about what they look like, check under the cut! I didn't take photos of the humans because I lost my Ash. =x

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I hope this was helpful to someone. ^^; Any questions, just ask!
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Officially Happy =D

Haha, no one really reads  that. But I thought I'd post here anyway.

IIIIIIIIII got into college! =D The totally hard and awful and impossible to get into one. Woo! 8D

... That's it.
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